Indoor ball games

Come rain, snow or shine, these easy indoor ball games will keep your little ones happy!

1) DIY skittles: you’ll have a ball playing this game together!

Stand up cardboard tubes for skittles and then get your child to roll a ball at them to knock them over. They can paint their skittles to decorate them, too.

2)Target practice: this game works well with the multi-coloured balls you can buy for ball pits.

If you don’t have them, your kids can scrunch up coloured paper instead. They label targets with different colours (empty boxes or laundry baskets work well.) And then throw (or place) the different coloured balls into the right targets.

3) Animal kick: challenge your child to be different animals and kick a ball in different ways.

A teeny tiny mouse kick, a soft teddy kick, or a big strong horse kick (probably best if they try the last one outside!)

4) Balloon challenge: if you’re worried about windows breaking indoors, try a balloon game instead.

See how long your child can keep it in the air by hitting it with one hand. Got a playdate or siblings? Turn it into volleyball by tying string across two chairs for them to knock the balloon over.

And something a bit calmer…

5 Sink or float?

Ask your child to gather up different balls and give them a washing up bowl of water. Now they have to guess if each one will sink or float before dropping it into the water.

Written by and photographed by Sara Conway