Our kids are huge Go Jetters’ fans, and we can see why.

You’ve got to love a show that combines serious learning about the world with a disco-loving unicorn! Here are 5 games to take your kids on a geographical journey, while you channel Ubercorn (sitting in the control room and looking fabulous. Disco moves optional!).

Wales??????? Their quest is to make a Welsh flag to fly on Caernarfon Castle. Here’s the flag for them to copy. Wales definitely wins the world’s best flag competition.

New Zealand?? Their mission is to rescue glowworms from Waitomo Glowworm Caves. Get them to make a cool glowworm painting by splatting yellow paint onto black paper.

Mount Everest?️ Kyan wants to climb to the top, but a giant snowball is heading his way. Make a mountain of cushions up to the sofa, and challenge your child to climb them.

England ??????? Grandmaster Glitch is trying to knock over Stonehenge like it’s a giant set of dominoes. They can stop him by using small boxes or building blocks to create their own perfect Stonehenge in your living room.

Amazon? Glitch stopped the rain in the Amazon rainforest so he could have a picnic, but the rainforest needs water to survive! The perfect challenge for bathtime role-play. Using different scoops, ladles, colanders and bowls, can they work out the best way to make it ‘rain’ on their hair.

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