Happy Pride! ❤️????

We’re an inclusive, loving bunch here at 5 Minute Fun, and with Pride this summer we thought we’d focus on some LOVE filled games for kids.

Make a rainbow! A special rainbow breakfast (such as these awesome pancakes, or one of these healthy snacks) is a great way to start talking about what some of the colours of the Pride flag mean: red, life; orange, healing; yellow, sunshine; green, nature; blue, serenity and violet, spirit.

Express yourself Take it one step further with a sponge and some paints. Dot each colour onto the sponge and hand over to your kids to swipe across a page to create a (likely muddy) rainbow. Explain to them why freedom of expression is a great thing!

Dance to a Pride playlist From Judy to Madonna, to Bowie and even Katy Perry, there are loads of great songs out there to turn up loud and have a positivity-filled wiggle to. Have a look on Spotify for playlist ideas.

Let’s talk about love Ask your little one to tell you one thing they love, anything in the world! Then, you tell them something you love – starting with the last letter or sound of what they loved. Then it’s their go! (An example from the team: chocolate! Eclairs. Sausage dogs. Snoozing! Gin). See how far you can get!

5 Get dressed up! Put your trust in the kids (move anything you don’t want them to find, first…) and let them raid your wardrobe. Their task is to put together their best disco outfit, and they can wear whatever, and however much they want. Then do a catwalk! Kids are far from minimalist so we’re excited to see your snaps – we’re expecting sun hats, sparkle and lots of bright colours! Share your pics with us on Facebook! 

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Article written by Emma Wilson
Photography: Getty Images