In our day it was cops and robbers, now it’s heroic pups and kids in pyjamas.

Your kids will love these heroes & villains games.

PAW Patrol pups v Sweetie the pup

Their im-PAW-tant mission is to find the crown that Sweetie has stolen! First they’ll have to make it by cutting yellow paper into a zigzag with safe scissors and taping the two sides together. Then you can hide it and give them clues (“I think I saw a flash of white heading upstairs.” “I heard Sweetie snoring in a bedroom!” (Sweetie likes sleeping under beds.)

PJ Masks vs Luna Girl

Luna Girl wants to take 5 toys from your little heroes. First get them to choose the 5 toys they want to protect, then ask them how they’ll keep them safe. They might build a giant wall out of bricks to protect them. Or hide them somewhere safe. (PS. If you have lots of minutes to fill, they could dress up in their PJs. Or maybe they’re still wearing them, even better.)

Gem Swashbuckle vs Cook and Line

Put a gem (or any piece of treasure) on an island (sofa) and tell them the floor in between is shark-infested water. Luckily, there are mini islands (cushions) between them and the gem. To defeat the pirates, they must find a way to the island and the jewel without falling in.