Earn your Hey Duggee badges at home!

Hey Duggee games

The Stick badge and more!

Turn your home into Hey Duggee's Clubhouse with these fun games. Have fun crafting, cleaning teeth and getting active while listening to your favourite Hey Duggee music, including the Stick song, Football song and Toothbrushing song! Plus, there are fun pages to print and colour so children can earn their sitting still badge, too. Now there's just time for one more thing... Duggee hug!

It’s funny, daring and packed full of ideas to help us entertain our kids – no wonder Hey Duggee was the runaway success of lockdown! So, we’ve rounded up the best bits and created this list of games you can play at home. We picked popular, laugh-out-loud episodes, as well as ones that  help with useful stuff (like convincing kids to clean their teeth!). Download the badges to hand out, just like Duggee, too. 

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The Stick Badge – craft the Stick and make him dance!

You’ll need:

What to do:

  1. Simply print the eyes below onto A4 paper.
  2. Let your child choose their favourite pair of eyes, cut them out and glue them to the stick.

Now, play The Stick Song so they can dance with Stick!

Well done, kids, you earned your Stick Badge!

Hey Duggee Stick
Sticky sticky stick stick!

The Toothbrush Badge – Hey Duggee helps to make teeth cleaning easy!

Your child doesn’t want to be like Alain L’Odeur the smelly-breathed lion, so let Duggee show them how to make teeth cleaning fun!

Download this fun sheet to bring Duggee into your bathroom. There’s a tooth brushing reward chart, toothbrush holder wrap and a fun mirror sticker.

Finally, play the Toothbrush Song and challenge your child to keep brushing until the music finishes. Handily, the song lasts for 2 minutes – the exact length of time dentists recommend brushing your teeth for. 

Well done kids, you earned your Toothbrush Badge!

The Football Badge – kicky kicky kick kick!

Play Hey Duggee’s unofficial football anthem and challenge your child to get up and get active! You never know, they might be representing England in a future World Cup…

Five brilliant football moves…

  1. Can your child control a ball with their feet and dribble it around some tin cans?
  2. Give them a target to kick and aim at.
  3. Stand in goal and see if your child can kick a ball past you.
  4. Get them to practice taking a run up and kicking a ball as far as they can.
  5. Play Squirrel in the middle. Can the person in the middle stop two people from passing the ball using only their feet? 
Well done, kids, you earned your Football Badge!
Hey Duggee football

The Colouring-in Badge

Even Duggee enjoys some time off now and then! Give this free printable Hey Duggee colouring sheet to your child… well done, you earned your cup of tea badge!

And, kids, you had fun earning your Colouring Badge, too!