Their fave books are The Pony-Mad Princess series, their fave TV programme is My Little Pony, and they fantasise about the horse they’ll own when mum and dad finally buy them one (never going to happen).

Sound familiar?

Here are 5 games they’ll love…

My perfect pony… This one isn’t rocket science, but it’s a good start for kids (and parents) who don’t know what to draw. Set them up with everything they could possibly need and set them the task of drawing and colouring their future pony. It can be any colour they choose, and if you’re roped in to help, glueing on wool for the mane & tail and adding glitter (where? Everywhere) are great touches.

Pony treats: Chop up veggies such as carrot sticks and apple slices ready to dip. Make a smooth, creamy dip kids will like by stirring yoghurt, cream cheese and cucumber together. And dip!

Hot to trot! Get the kids to imagine they’re a horse! They’ll need to trot around and over small obstacles like cushions and rolled-up blankets. They can roll on their backs to show they’re happy, neigh when they’ve got something to say and get a carrot to snack on when it’s time to wrap this one up.

Pony school: Dig out the toy ponies and set them up as a class – with your little one as their teacher. If they need a bit of help starting off, they could teach their ponies words (neigh!), how to count (apples?) and then let them gallop off and play at break-time.

My Little Pony World: On rainy days when you’ve got more time, create a glorious land of rainbows for their My Little Ponies with this amazing craft project.

How did you and your kids get on with these games? Love or hate them, let us know! We’re @5minutefun on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.