We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve drawn around our small people’s hands. They simply love it! The tickle of the pen on their skin. The delight at seeing an outline of their own little paw, which always has much podgier fingers than they really have! But in all the times we’ve tried it, we’ve never created such a cool picture as this. Watch the video now.

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This piece of art is based on work by Bridget Riley. She’s a Londoner, 86 years old now. Back in the 1960s, she developed her unique style, exploring optical illusions, known as Op-Art. These graphic patterns create a disorientating effect on the eye. Our small people loved looking at her pictures. You can see some on the Tate website.

Here’s what your small person learnt

This activity requires FOCUS. If you’ve got a child who loves to colour in and likes to be neat, then lucky you! You can guarantee a really BRILLIANT OUTCOME. If, like us, your child is slightly, er, excitable, you might find it works better to use a fat paintbrush. Or, just let them swirl whatever pattern they like in the hand outline. We will be making our own hand pictures when the kids have gone to bed. It’s deeply meditative. Especially when said hand has a wine glass in it.

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