What mums of toddlers really want

Image: Getty | Words: Jennifer, co-founder of Love Boo.

When we first become mums, we dream that Mother’s Day will be a day full of treats and relaxation. 

The reality, however, especially when we have little ones, is that we are handed an unidentifiable ‘object d’art’ (for that read, some dried pasta glued on a bit of card). And that’s it. End of. Then we are left to get on with the usual jobs of wiping down small children and picking things up off the floor feeling extremely under-appreciated.

Let’s examine the facts. We mums get on average 17 minutes a day to ourselves (if we’re lucky!), so don’t let mum guilt get in the way of you demanding as much fuss and pampering as possible on Mother’s Day. It’s one day. Be selfish! Looking after ourselves makes us better equipped to deal with the day-to-day stuff mum life throws at us. So here are some pointers on upping the pampering…

1 Demand sleep! No bunch of flowers or chocolates will compete with the holy grail of presents – a lie-in! If you have a partner who can take the kids out for the morning, or if they can go to Grandma’s house, take the offer – the kids can still make a fuss of you later in the day! In mum currency, an uninterrupted sleep on a Sunday morning equates to a weekend in a health spa (although take that if you’re offered it!)

2 Do something YOU enjoy: Let’s just clear this up. Mother’s day isn’t about the rest of the family, it’s about you! That means, if you fancy going out for a coffee with friends or doing something you enjoy, without your family, that’s absolutely fine. Restaurants are full of mums ‘enjoying’ meals with their family on Mother’s Day but if you’re letting your meal go cold while spoon-feeding a demanding tot, then it’s not a treat. So whether you’re sitting alone in a coffee shop reading that book you’ve had your eye on, shopping with friends or just lounging around with a box set – do something for you, however alien that feels!

3 Spend ‘fun’ time with your kids: Mum jobs never end, so how about having an hour or so on Mother’s Day doing the kind of ‘mumming’ that we dream about but don’t often get chance to do? Leave the chores (bills, washing, cooking, etc.) to your other half (or even to pile up for another day) and do the fun stuff that reminds you why being a mum is great. How about dressing-up or watching a programme from start to finish together. It doesn’t have to be ground-breaking, just something that doesn’t feel like drudge.

4 Create a new tradition: How about every year, from this year onwards, you get a family picture of you all together? We all have snaps where someone is missing because they’re behind the camera. Even if it’s a daft selfie of you all or you ask a passer-by to snap a pic. Set someone the task of framing it and having it up on the wall by the end of March! You never know, this delegating business may become a habit.

5 Forget the bedtime routine: If you can get a babysitter and go out for a meal in the evening with your partner or friend then that’s great, but if not, how about being a queen for the evening? Your kids may even enjoy fussing around you when you explain to them that it’s your special day. You’re going to sit in a lovely bubbly bath, enjoy a box set, maybe a takeaway and put your feet up. And if all else fails, pour a large glass of something chilled – you’ve earned it!

Jennifer is co-founder of natural mum and baby skincare brand, Love Boo.