Tom Hardy made a moving tribute to his dog on CBeebies Bedtime Stories today, reading Fleabag in memory of Woody, who died in June.

If you’re wondering how to explain death to your little one, read on. You’ve shared your tips for explaining this difficult topic.

1 Becky: When P’s grandma died, we said she’d turned into a star. Later, she asked to see a photo of what Granny looks like now she’s dead. We declined that one – but I guess it’s only natural to wonder.

2 Sara: We’ve just read the excellent The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb, where everything the child has lost lives on in her memory (the illustration is beautiful). I thought this was a lovely way of explaining. We’re not religious, so being able to replace the idea of heaven with the place of memory was very appealing.

3 Shaun: When her Grandma died, we told our daughter that when people get old, their bodies start to wear out, so it’s better for them if they go for a permanent sleep even though it’s sad for us. We didn’t try to disguise it in any way.

For more help and advice on this topic, visit the NHS website.

P.S. We’re sorry for getting heavy on a Saturday. In order to lift the mood, we suggest you have a go at playing these giggly games and drink boozy milkshakes (there are non-boozy versions for the kids, too!)