Painting for kids – fork painting idea

This quick and easy idea is really fun for children.

Just spread paint on a plate and show your child how to dip in the fork so it’s flat in the paint. Long strokes make brilliant hair, and printing with the fork makes a perfect crown.

1 Fork print princes and princesses: a simple print creates a royal crown

You’ll need: paper, yellow and/or orange paint, felt tips

  1. Your child dips the fork in paint, and then presses it on the page to create a crown shape. To create a short crown, they just dip the base of the fork.
  2. Once the paint’s dry, your child can doodle princes and princesses wearing the crowns.

2 Fork paint snowy owl: a fork creates feathers for a fluffy friend

You’ll need: coloured paper, white and yellow paint, scissors, glue

  1. The kids create the owl’s body first using white paint. They start in the middle and draw the fork out – lots of times, in a circle.
  2. Then your child can print two feet by dipping the fork in yellow paint and pressing it on the page.
  3. When the paint’s dry, they paint on a beak and some googly eyes.

3 Fork paint mane: a fork creates a magical mane, fit for a unicorn

You’ll need: paper, tin foil, paint, a fork

To create a unicorn…

  1. Let the kids choose a paint colour and then set them off filling a piece of paper with fork paint patterns. They want to use long strokes, like hair. When the page is full, they can choose another colour to fill another page.
  2. Meanwhile, draw a simple unicorn outline on white paper and cut it out.
  3. When your child has done painting, they can layer paper to create the unicorn’s eye (or paint one). And add a shiny foil horn.
  4. Finally, once the fork painting is dry, they can snip the paper into waves to give the unicorn a rainbow mane.

You could also try tulips – your child would make prints by dipping the fork in  paint and pressing on the page (using the length of the fork). Then they can use the side of the fork to paint green stems and leaves.

Ot fork paint monsters would be easy. They can create any shape they like with their fork and then draw on arms and legs and add googly eyes.