How to teach football to kids

If you and your kids are loving Euro 2020, what better excuse to start training your little footie stars of the future!

 These five free games from Little Kickers are a great place to start. The added bonus? We get a workout, and our mini Harry Kanes will sleep soundly at bedtime.

Animal kicks

Your child pretends to be different animals kicking a ball. They can do fast cheetah kicks, slow kicks like a penguin, big stomping kicks like an elephant, drop kicks like a monkey. See how many different animals they can be.

Enchanted forest

You’ll need traffic cones (or similar objects) and a football. Pretend all the traffic cones are big trees in an enchanted forest. Your child must dribble around the forest without knocking over the trees. After 5 minutes, the forest will turn into big scary weeds. They dribble the football next to the weeds, then do a big kick to knock them over.

Pirate island

You (the parent) are going to be the captain of a pirate ship. Set up four different coloured islands in the corners of your garden (using different coloured objects). Shout out what colour your pirate (child) should run to. Once there, they perform these activities:

  • Yellow Island: Scrub the dirty decks
  • Red Island: Hoist the flag
  • Green Island: Walk the plank
  • Blue Island: Salute the captain

Hungry hippos

You’ll need as many balls as possible. Set up goals in each corner of your backyard and scatter the balls in the middle. Your kids have to feed the hungry hippos by doing little kicks over to the goals. Be the zookeeper and try to take the ball off older children.

Piggy in the middle

Your child must run from one side to the other without getting caught by the piggy in the middle. Older kids can try to dribble the ball past the piggy without losing the ball.

Little Kickers football classes are taught nationwide, with four different classes tailored to different age groups, from 18-months to 7-years. For more information, visit See a class in action here.