After all the activity of yesterday, we’re chilling out at home this morning.

Ha ha ha! Chilling out at home. But at least it’s the weekend. The cavalry is here. So I asked Daddy for a 5 Min Fun game and he came up a classic: I Spy. We gave it a Swashbuckle makeover and turned it into a challenge, so we were spotting things that were different colours. And now our little Swasbucklers have gone all pirate on us and they’re off hunting for 5 pieces of silver treasure. We’re on the sofa, eating leftover Igglepiggle cake and summoning up some energy to go to the park.

What your small person just learnt

Apart from the obvious theme of COLOURS, I’m just picking myself up off the floor because this game made the kids a) LISTEN to me and b) FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. They did something I asked them to do! It’s just annoying that they did it when Daddy was here. I’m sure he thinks I just sit around drinking tea and eating cake all day when he’s not here.