Ideas for Blue Peter’s 6 Badges of Summer

Blue Peter 6 badges of summer

How to collect your Blue Peter badges

Are you looking for ideas to help your child complete Blue Peter's 6 Badges of Summer challenge? You've come to the right place! There are activities below that will help preschoolers and young children to complete the six themes and apply for their badges.
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Blue Peter brings you the Six Badges of Summer! A brand new initiative designed to keep kids across the UK busy, entertained and active by earning their very own collection of Blue Peter Badges.

Challenges have been set during Blue Peter. You can download a wall chart to keep track of how you’re doing and you can even apply for the badges themselves. To hear from celebrities and to join in, head here and watch Blue Peter every week on CBBC, CBeebies and iPlayer.

1. Green badge: Help save the planet

This green badge calls on you to do your bit for the planet.

Earn your badge by…

  • Feeding the birds. Make this easy kebab feeder and see which feathered friends come to visit. 
  • Plant a seed. Visit our friends at Gardener’s World to find out what to plant and when.
  • Make a butterfly feeder to attract pollinators to your garden.
  • Reduce: find ways to use less packaging. Why not replace bottled shampoo with shampoo bars?
  • Reuse: save used yoghurt pots and turn them into a terrific train. Or collect toilet roll tubes and boxes to make this desk tidy.
  • Recycle: children can help to make sure all rubbish in your home is recycled.
Green Blue Peter badge
Red Blue Peter badge

2. Sport badge

This red badge asks you to get active.

Earn your badge by…

  • Having a sports day in your garden.
  • Set up an obstacle course and time how long it takes everyone to complete it.
  • Do a workout together. Try Joe Wicks – or here’s a fun gentle workout designed for kids and parents to do together.
  • Try an online yoga class, like this Frozen Adventure by Cosmic Kids.

3. Music badge

This music badge asks you to get into your groove.

Earn your badge by…

  • Making up a dance routine.
  • Forming a family band. If you don’t own instruments, make them! Here’s an easy way to make 5 musical instruments – from a cake tin guitar to a cool kazoo. 
  • Learn the words to your favourite song – and do the actions, too.
  • Have a song battle. Each play a favourite song and vote for whose you like best. 
  • Have a music festival at home. Wear facepaints and watch your favourite bands – will you choose Elton, Ed Sheeran or Andy and the Odd Socks?
Music Blue Peter badge
Blue Blue Peter badge

4. Blue badge: say thank you to your heroes

This blue badge asks you to say thank you to your heroes.

Earn your badge by…

  • Making a Thank You Key Workers poster for your window. We’ve got 5 ideas, including a poster to colour, here. 
  • Create a rainbow for your window. Try one of these 4 rainbow art ideas.
  • Make biscuits for your chosen hero – is it grandma and grandad, your postman or maybe your teacher?
  • Or why not send them a homemade gift.

5. Purple badge: be a CBeebies superfan

This purple badge asks you to show your love for your favourite Cbeebies characters.

Earn your badge by…

Purple Blue Peter badge
Silver Blue Peter Badge

6. Silver badge: try something new

This badge asks you to step out of your comfort zone. What can you do that you’ve never done before?

Earn your badge by…