Ideas for the Easter holidays

Image and words: Sara Conway

1 Easter wouldn’t be Easter without an egg hunt. Hide 10 mini eggs around your house and challenge your kids to find them (while you finish the packet).

2-6 An easy Easter bonnet, no-fuss egg painting and cute cotton wool animals are among the ideas in this Easter-themed craft post.

7-11 Inspire your kids to play new games with their soft toys over the school holidays.

12 We love these cute carrot Easter baskets from the Kids Craft Room. Perfect for serving a small portion of Easter treats.

13-15 Planning a trip? There’s a great bingo template in these ideas to try on a train or plane.

16 We loved making Easter nest cakes when we were small, and we still like eating them now. Thank you, CBeebies.

17-21 Kids all bunnied out? Can’t get them eggs-cited about Easter? Try these 5 pirate games instead.

22-26 Let your child turn old buttons into springtime crafts, including a caterpillar and a beetle.

27-31 Springtime is for getting outdoors. Here are 5 ideas for your little explorer.

32 Get your kids’ fingers ready for a cute bunny painting!

33-37 We think (hope!) it’s finally stopped snowing, so try these 5 springtime ideas to take you and your kids outside. 

38 It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, your kids will love you forever if you let them make slime.

39-43 Paintbrushes all dried up? Try these 5 ideas that use a fork instead.

44 Save toilet rolls for Easter crafts like these chicks from Iddle Peeps…

45 …Or these clever stamps from Thoughts From Alice.

46-50 These 5 creature crafts include a butterfly card your child can send to someone special.

51-53 We still think the games of our childhoods were the best! Introduce your child to some of them.

54 For a quick idea when you need your kids to sit still, fill a sheet of paper with egg shapes and ask them to fill them with different colours, patterns and faces.

55 Wet outside? Embrace it with this rainy day counting game.

56-60 Keep their brains ticking with these 5 maths games that are lots of fun, too!

61 Give your kids this buzzy bee make that uses paper, tissue paper, foil and a carboard tube.

62 If you’re reaching maximum screen time, try one of these 5 ideas…

63 Encourage healthy eating by getting your kids to be creative with fruit. Check out this fruity high tea from Iddle Peeps for inspiration.

64-67 Try these ideas from grandparents (if you can’t send the kids off to stay with them, that is).

68 We’ve fallen in love with this little lamb by One Little Project, which was made using cotton buds and clothes pegs.

69-73 We love googly eyes and we love these quick ideas!

74-78 These 5 ideas to try with building blocks include matching, counting, sticking, phonics and using their imagination.

79-83 These five fun finger printing ideas include springtime sheep that help your kids with learning maths.

84 Finally, host a playdate to spread the pain (the other parents will hopefully return the favour). And don’t stress about the menu – here are 5 easy meal ideas.