Ideas for travelling with kids

40+ ideas to get you from A to B easily!

Images: Getty | Words: Sara Conway

Going away this summer? Dreading the journey more than you’re looking forward to the holiday? Stop fretting! Here are 40 ideas to keep the small people busy. Good luck!

1 This giggly craft travels well.

2 Play car snap! Choose a colour each and look out of the window. When you spot your colour car shout SNAP!

3 Challenge them to spot things the same colour as their felt tips and draw them.

4 Don’t be afraid to pack craft items. A box filled with paper, glue and gems can be used to make holiday headbands.

5-7 Check out these 3 ideas for when you’re on a train, which include a brilliant bingo template.

8 These magnets are perfect for journeys. The come in their own flat tin that opens out to create dinosaur scenes.

9 Get them to look out of the window and doodle the clouds.

10-14 Pack some crayons and paper, and whip out these 5 challenges that include drawing unicorns and playing the game ‘consequences’.

15 You could buy them a book to keep coming back to throughout the holiday. This one is full of activities, things to make and do – and stickers!

16-20 Don’t forget stickers… they’re flat, light and you can use them in lots of different ways. These ideas include making puppets, counting and making a mosaic.

21-22 Googly eyes make everything fun! We like the idea of making the fruit friends and scrunch paper monsters on a train or plane.

23 Bring along these fun mitts so you can have a singalong!

24 These compact Peppa Pig books are easy to throw in your bag for quiet time on the bus.

25 Play an animal guessing game. Pick an animal, sea creature, bird or bug and give your child simple clues such as: “It has eight legs and spins silky webs”.

26 Bring bubbles. They cost next to nothing and provide lots of fun for kids of all ages.

27 Play “I packed my suitcase”. Take it in turns to say what’s in the suitcase –each player adds one thing to the list. The challenge is to remember everything that’s been said before.

 28 If you’re going on a longer journey, save space for a game. There’s a selection of mini games hereLlamas in Pyjamas gets our vote! Empty the pieces into a zip lock bag to save more space.

 29 These brightly coloured dinosaurs are easy to slip into your bag – and at £1.75 for six, it’s not the end of the world if they end up getting left on the train.

 30 For an all-in-one fix, we love magazines. Puzzles? Check. Stories? Check. Stickers? Check. Plus, they always come with a small toy.

31 All you need is paper and pens to make these paper craft dogs.

32 Use a journey for them to become experts at doodling these purrfect cats! 

33 They can make one of these I-spy bottles on a train or plane. Just give them an empty bottle to fill with things they find.

34-38 If your kids have brought their favourite soft toys, try these 5 ideas. They’re simple and fun.

39-42 Tablet out of juice? Breathe deeply and try these 5 ideas instead!

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