Winter games for kids


We asked the team for their favourite games, crafts and other activities to keep their kids busy during these long, dark evenings.

Which will you try first?

1. This is a great time of year to chat together about the seasons. Do they know the names of each one? How do animals, leaves and the weather change with each one? Can they name two things that are special, or different, about each season?

2. Pretend you and your child are going to explore a snowy place far away. What clothes will they need to take to keep warm? What would they take as a snack? What animals do they think they will see?

3. Talk to your little one about what they wear for different types of weather. How are summer clothes different to winter?

4. How do animals keep warm in winter? Wrap your child in lots of blankets and get them to pretend to be a little woodland creature. This one’s a real giggle!

5. Ask your little one to pretend to be a little bear hibernating in a cave! Bears’ favourite things to do include: a quick back scratch, a bear-dance to bed and a snuggle under their duvet!