Work and childcare do not mix.

If we open our laptop, they want YouTube. If we write an email on our phone, they want their apps. And then the Grotty Guilt Gremlin lands on our shoulder and gives us a hard time for prioritising work over our kids…


That is the sound of us stamping on the Grotty Guilt Gremlin. And here are three games to keep them busy while we hit that deadline.

1 Real food café Give them bowls, cups, spoons and cereal to serve to teddies.

2 LEGO challenge Tell them to build the tallest tower that they can. Or a huge castle. Or a whole city. Basically, anything big.

3 Little helper If they’re old enough, set them a task, like filing, that will help you.

b Messy play Put them in a contained area covered in newspaper, and give them a cardboard box to paint. Yes, you’ll have to clear up later. But it’ll keep them happy and busy for ages.

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Article written by Sara Conway
Artwork by Marie Le Fevre