Thank you key worker picture ideas

This week's project

Show key workers how much your family appreciates them - and keep your kids busy for 5 minutes! The ideas below include ways to paint or draw a special message - or, if you prefer, there's an easy sign for you to print and colour.

1. Thank you NHS painting

You’ll need: rainbow paint, a plate, paper

1. Paint the rainbow on the plate for your child to dip their hand into. Print onto the paper.

2. Help them to write a nice thank you message.

2. Write a note to your postman or woman

You’ll need: pens and paper

Simply ask your child to draw a picture of the person who delivers your mail.

If you can, find out their name – it adds a nice personal touch (the recipient of this picture was over the moon!)

You can even add a gift… (Remember to wash their  hands first!) 

3. Printable Thank You Keyworkers poster

What you’ll need: printer, paper, pens

What to do:

Click the picture to open the printable PDF in a new window. Then print and colour!

4. Chalk a thank you message

You’ll need: chalks

Just write and draw your message for the key workers you want to thank today.

5. Window pen message

Or use window chalk pens to write a message on the glass of your window instead.