It’s holiday season. And that means piling all our belongings on top of the offspring and setting off on an exciting holiday where everyone will have an amazing time!

…Providing they don’t drive us completely crazy before we’ve even left the drive. Good luck, everyone. Don’t forget to pack the booze!

1 Edible necklace They’ll love making this, while you cram everything into the boot. Get them to thread pretzels, Cheerios, dried apple or anything else (edible) with holes onto string, then wear or hang it on the back of the headrest. Novelty snack = happiness.

2 Tell a story Delight your children with a story all about themselves (because, let’s face it, life does revolve around them!). Grace and the Beanstalk. Grace’s Adventures in Wonderland. Grace’s Really Peaceful Sleep in the Back of the Car…

3 Let someone else tell a story Download a family audio book. Matilda narrated by Kate Winslet, How to Train Your Dragon with David Tennant and Harry Potter with Stephen Fry are all available on Audible.

4 Improvise Everything you touch now has the potential to be a plaything. The Tupperware you packed lunch in? Drums. The foil from your sandwiches? Great to twist and crinkle. Your shoe? Laces to practice tying. You will literally undress yourself in the quest for entertainment.

5 Backseat band Play music you all want to listen to and let them rock out on the back seat, strumming an air guitar, miming into a pretend mic, hitting drums…

We asked some of our 5 Minute Families for their pick of the pops on a long journey. Here’s what they said…

  • Harry loves One Direction, as do I. His dad, less so! Suzie, mum to Harry, 5.
  • Daft Punk. Ours like making up stories to the music. Sophia, mum to Bert, 6, Molly, 5 and Iris, 3
  • All Alexa wants is Abba! Nat, mum to Alexa, 3
  • Chloe loves Guns N’ Roses at the moment! She rocks out to Sweet Child O’ MineLisa, mum to Chloe, 3, and Charlie, 3 months
  • Queen’s We Will Rock You and Bruno Mars Lucy, mum to Ella, 4, and Joe, 18 months
  • I’m so pleased Sophie has grown out of the Disney musicals’ soundtrack. It made my ears bleed. Shaun, dad to Sophie, 12.
  • Anything on Capital FM! Charlotte, teacher to a whole class of 4-year-olds, and mum to Jack, 2 months.

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Article written by Sara Conway