These are the emotions we feel when it’s our kids’ birthdays:

? I’m so proud, you’re so amazing.
?Slow down time! Stop growing up!
?FML, we’ve got to organise another party…

We’re here to turn ? into…???. These games and activities are easy, cheap and you can do them at home. Just save us some cake…

Make bunting! You ran out of time and your house isn’t looking very ‘party’. No worries. Give them card/coloured paper/wrapping paper and safe scissors. They cut strips and you help them staple the rings together.

Make slime… We show them how here. So they think you’re the coolest parents ever (you are). Scared about mess? They can do this outside. We recommend getting a weatherproof gazebo. They can eat out there, too.

Pass the ball: a no-prep version of Pass-the-Parcel. Whoever’s holding the ball when the music stops gets a prize from a box of treats?

Wrap and roll! Separate the guests into teams and give them a couple of loo rolls (you can get the really cheap ones because these won’t be wiping bottoms). One person on each team is going to get wrapped in the loo roll. The winning team is the first to cover them from head to toe (make sure they can breath!)
Serve milkshakes: our recipes have versions for the kids and versions for you. It’s not that we’re saying alcohol helps. (We are saying that.)

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