5-minute Numberblocks activities

CBeebies’ Numberblocks has the thumbs up from educational experts, so we’ve come up with these 5-minute games inspired by the show – they’re the perfect to help children learn maths at home.

To start, ask your child to choose a number (any number from 1-6). Write the number down on paper in felt tip pen. Cut it out and use sticky tape to attach it to your little one’s top. This is their superhero number for the day.

1. Now, can they rescue that many toys from their bedroom?

2. Can they do that many superhero jumps?

3. Can they find an object with that many sides? 

4. Mastered that? Challenge them to find the number around your home – on an iPhone, a remote control or (with a little of bit of a lift up…) the kitchen calendar.

5. Find a new way of making that number. Count it out with blueberries, mouthfuls of dinner or on their fingers.

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