5 ways to teach numbers at home

Featuring the Numberblocks

Life’s busy, and sometimes we worry we’re not giving our kids enough support with their learning.

Luckily, CBeebies’ Numberblocks has the thumbs up from educational experts – and our team have shared some 5-minute games inspired by the show. Give these a go and let us know how your little ones get on over on Twitter!

Choose a number to get to know really well, then try each of these mini tasks…

1. Write the number – here we’re going to use 6 – down on paper in felt tip pen. Cut it out and use sticky tap to attach to your little one’s top. This is their superhero (or sports player – use whatever reference floats their boat) number for the day. Use it wherever you can – this will help them to remember it.

2. Find 6 things, using what you’ve got around you. At lunchtime for example, can they count out 6 blueberries from the pack to eat? Before bed, say goodnight to 6 toys together.

3. Find objects with 6 sides! The first to find 6 of them wins this number-y treasure hunt.

4. Mastered that? Challenge them to find the number around your home. Freddie, 4, managed to spot the number 6 on an iPhone, a remote control and (with a little of bit of a lift up…) the kitchen calendar.

5. Find a new way of making that number. What does 3 blueberries plus 3 glasses of wine equal? (Same goes for 3 fish fingers and 3 bits of broccoli, we suppose…).

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