The end is in sight!

But before we can send them back to school where someone else will help them learn, we’re making the kids learn letters and the sounds that they make. Mwahaha! Although, these games are (honestly..!) fun – so they probably won’t even realise it’s educational. #parentoftheyear

Doodle: Tell them their pen is a plane and use it to make loops across the sky (paper). Squiggling and wiggling is the first stage of writing, so we’re reliably informed!

What’s my name? Ask them to write their name in big letters (or you can do it for them) and then to decorate the letters to make a door sign.

I’m a sssssnake: Practice the ‘S’ sound by sounding out words like s-s-s-s-slither and s-s-s-s-snake. This ‘S‘ sound is one of the first they will master. Then try a b-b-b-buzzy b-b-b-bbee, and a d-d-d-d-drummer hitting their d-d-d-d-d-drums.

Letter hero! Pick an object to finish the following phrase: “The monster is hungry, he needs something beginning with… ‘a’” (It could be an apple, an avocado or possibly even an alligator (he is a monster after all).

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