Turn your back for a moment, and it’s anyone’s guess where they’ve disappeared to… who knows. Into the shed, up a tree, down a rabbit hole?

These games are designed to keep the world’s greatest explorers occupied, so you know where to find them.

1 Use a small rug and boxes to build a pirate ship outdoors. Add a paper plate as a steering wheel, pop on your stripy t-shirt and sail the seven seas.

2 Paint giant pictures of the trees. How big can you get them? Ask your child to to lie down next to the trees to see who’s taller.

3 Put double-sided tape on your wellies and collect fallen petals or grass to stick to them.

4 Explore the garden for nice round pebbles, then paint them different colours.

5 Make bubble mixture with washing liquid and water and see how big your kids can get them!

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Article written by Sara Conway