Louise Pentland’s wellbeing tips for parents: from lockdown and beyond

Louise Pentland shares her parenting tips

Look after your wellbeing

Look after your family's wellbeing during lockdown with these 10 parenting tips and ideas from You Tube and Instagram influencer Louise Pentland.

Number one parenting influencer and all-round nice person Louise Pentland is one of those celebrities you’d like to have as a friend. She manages to put a smile on your face while pouring her heart out, so we could think of no better person to help us with the rollercoaster that Covid-19 has brought. At home with daughters Darcy, eight, and Pearl, two, Louise has given us these ten tips to remind us how to prioritise happiness above all else.

Louise Pentland’s wellness in lockdown tips:

  1. Rephrase the term ‘stuck’ at home to ‘safe’ at home. It’s bound to be overwhelming at times, especially when you’re responsible for little ones, but when it’s all a bit much – take a deep breath and remember that you and your children are happy and safe and you’re doing the right thing staying home.

  2. Tidy together. Clean house, clean mind! You no doubt have toys in your work space and notepads in the cupboard, but you can make a game out putting everything away – think Mary Poppins!

  3. Try to start each day (or at least the weekdays) as ‘normally’ as possible by waking up at a reasonable time and getting yourself and your kids dressed in your regular person clothes. It will help with motivation and productivity to feel like your former, glorious selves!

  4. Your kidlets are probably missing their friends and classmates as much as you are, so arrange a video call playdate with their parents so they can connect. My daughter Darcy has virtual dance parties with her friends in the home office – it’s very sweet and wears her out haha.

  5. Try these games to play on Zoom with children.

  6. Allow yourself and your children treats – obviously don’t overindulge (do as I say, not as I do!), but I’ve found a mint club biscuit here and there is a winner!

  7. Be imaginative with your little ones. Build dens out of bedsheets, set-up treasure hunts round the house and/or garden – they have a real sense of achievement and it’s something you can all do together.
    How to build a den.

  8. Don’t feel guilty about screen time. The #JuggleStruggle is real and all of a sudden you’re supposed to be a teacher, worker and a parent all at the same time. Take advantage of some of the brilliant educational and fun apps and TV programmes out there to give you a helping hand.

  9. Set small, specific goals for yourself and your family. It can be something as simple as ‘today we will make a cake’ but following through on it brings a sense of achievement and hopefully, you get to eat some cake!
    Start with these 5 nostalgic bakes.

  10. At the end of each day, talk with your kids about something you’re looking forward to doing when all of this is over. A trip to the park, a holiday away – anything to remind yourselves that will pass and we just have to ride it out. We can do this!
Louise Pentland in a hammock with her daughters
Louise Pentland relaxes in a hammock with her daughters during lockdown.
Louise Pentland with her daughters
Louise Pentland and her daughters celebrate VE Day AND her grandad beating Covid19!
Pearl and Darcy Pentland
Louise Pentland's daughters Pearl and Darcy at home during lockdown
Louise Pentland with daughter Pearl
Louise Pentland with her youngest daughter Pearl

Photography credits: Instagram @louisepentland