Magical mermaid makes

Make a splash with these magical makes – includes slime!

Images and words: Sara Conway

1 Crown of shells: little mermaids will love wearing this underwater garland

You’ll need: coloured card, coloured paper, cupcake cases, tape

  1. Cut two strips of card for your child to tape together in one line (you’ll fit it to their head later).
  2. Now, they bend cupcake cases to make shell shapes and tape them on.
  3. Then they draw sea star shapes on the cases (or patterned paper), cut those out, and stick them on.
  4. Finally, wrap it around their head as a band, and tape it so it stays in place.

Now, can they pretend to be a little mermaid and swim off on an adventure?

2 Mermaid slime: a shimmering slime worthy of princesses under the sea

You’ll need: one cup of baby shampoo, two cups of cornflour, food colouring and glitter

  1. First your kids need to spoon the cornflour into a bowl
  2. Then stir in the baby shampoo. When that has been thoroughly mixed in, add the food colouring.
  3. Next, squish it together. This makes a dough that starts chalky, but turns into a sticky slime as they squish it.
  4. Now they add sparkles (we did green glitter and turquoise stars) and enjoy all the twinkly, gooey goodness.

Tip: Slime can stain soft furnishings. Keep your kids (and the slime) where you can see them!

3 Twinkly picture: sequins bring a mermaid drawing to life

Let your kids dive into their art supplies to create this beautiful picture. They draw a mermaid, colour her in with paint or crayons and then cover her with sequins.

4 Mermaid toys: kids can turn their favourite doll into a mermaid by covering her legs with an old sock. Then they draw the shape of the tail, snip it out, decorate it, and glue it to the sock.

 5 Mermaid treasure: give them sequins, pearls and shells to bury in sand, and then dig out.

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