Make a boredom buster jar

You’ve built LEGO robots, pretended to drink tea, completed jigsaws, chased your kids while they scream, “Aaaaah mummy you’re a scary monster!” And now you’ve flopped onto the sofa and would just LOVE 5 minutes to yourself…

It’s the perfect time to get your kids to make a boredom jar!

They decorate the jar and you fill it with little challenges they can do all by themselves (don’t worry, we’ve listed 40 below). Pull out an idea when you need 5 minutes’ downtime… You (might) never hear the words “I’M BORED” again!

What you’ll need: a jar, colourful paper cut into strips, a pen, glue

What to do:

1. Stick a label onto the jar. It could be ‘My Boredom Jar’ or something similar. And then give it to your child to decorate.

2. Meanwhile, write each of these activities on a piece of paper, and fill up the jar!


1. Do 3 star jumps.
2. Collect the colours of the rainbow (a red cup, an orange, etc)
3. Spot a bird!
4. Draw a selfie.
5. Play with toy boats in a foil sea.
6. Play hide-and-seek with a toy.
7. Fill up a bucket with bubbles and play!
8. Dance to your favourite song!
9. Make a fort from cushions.
10. Design a paper flag.
11. Play Simon Says!
12. Have a picnic indoors.
13. Go nature spotting.
14. Find and count all the loose change in the house!
15. Write a letter to someone special.
16. Roll a dice and hop, jump and clap the number.
17. Read a story with a teddy.
18. Sink or float toys in water.
19. Drape a towel over a table to make a cave!
20. Make a collage out of old magazine pictures.
21. Spot the numbers 1-10 around the house!
22. Go on a colour hunt! Can you find 3 yellow things?
23. Fill a clean plastic bottle with fun finds.
24. Make a fingerprint picture!
25. Draw your family.
26. Spot things that go together – shoes, gloves, socks.
27. Draw around your hand then cut it out.
28. How many hands high is a table? How about a chair?
29. Make zoo noises! Can you be a sheep? How about a horse?
30. Grab a small mirror and make funny faces!
31. Sing a nursery rhyme! How about “10 green bottles”?
32. Make fruit friends! Add googly eyes to pieces of fruit.
33. Make a mask with a paper plate.
34. Make a play dough frog or pig.
35. Draw a postcard. Write a message on the other side!
36. Look at the clouds. What can you see?
37. Do some colouring.
38. Stack up some bricks! Can you make a tower bigger than you?
39. Play follow the leader. Take it in turns to lead!
40. Put on bouncy music and tidy up!

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