We just found out today is national wear a flower day. Who knew? But, well, why not? So we’re making a flower brooch. This has the added pressure that if you’re going to wear it, you want it to look good. But we think this simple and very effective method should do it.

You’ll need:

Cut the card into 4:

Fan one piece of card and secure with tape:

Draw and cut out flower shapes:

Colour the middle of the flowers:

Stick on the flowers with glue. Sticky tape a safety pin to the back: You’re done!

If this brooch is just too tasteful, take inspiration from one of these celebs…


Lady Gaga’s creation would be perfect for drowning out the sound of small people wanting stuff. You can see her face going, “Yes, yes, very interesting, now what’s in the fridge and can I magic up 4 people’s dinners out of it?”

She may have won I’m a Celebrity, but Scarlett Moffatt’s got a stupid flower crown on, a camera in her face and she’s thinking, “Please just let me have a shower, a lie down and a face full of chocolate without people watching… Which is how we feel pretty much every day.
Image: ITV

Bjork woke up one day and thought, “I love my ears. They get so ignored over there on the side of my head. Why don’t I make them the star for once… So that’s what she did. We dare you to try this look at the next parents evening.
Image: Pinterest