Make a paper mache penguin money box

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Easy peasy penguin craft

Pop your child's pennies in this playful penguin money box. We've used the simplest paper mache (or papier mâché) recipe to make the money box kid-proof! This fun activity also makes a perfect gift.

This festive craft is perfect for when the schools break up for Christmas – or if you find yourself with two weeks to fill because your child’s school is quarantining before then (please no!)

Use the penguin to teach your child about saving their pennies. Or, they could give it to someone special. Wouldn’t this be the perfect gift for a grandparent or cousin they haven’t seen in a while?

Make a paper mache money box using this method

  1. Prepare the paper mache (papier-mâché) mix using this recipe.
  2. Blow up the balloon and stand it in a plastic cup.
  3. Help your child to cover the balloon with 2 layers of papier-mâché newspaper strips. Add a final layer of white paper strips. Leave a small gap big enough to fit a coin where the balloon is tied.
  4. Leave to completely dry stood upright overnight.
    Once dry, use a pin to pop the balloon.
  5. Cut petal shapes from the black paper and help your child stick them to the penguin with glue. Make sure to leave a white space in the middle as this is the penguin’s tummy!
  6. Cut out a diamond from the orange paper and fold it in half. Ask your child to stick to the penguin for a beak. Cut out feet shape from the orange paper and stick to the bottom of the penguin.
  7. Finally, cut out wing shapes from the black paper and get your little one to stick to either side of the penguin. Complete with the googly eyes.
Paper mache penguin money box