Make superhero bracelets out of paper mache

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Easy paper mache craft

Find out how to make superhero bracelets out of paper mache (or papier mâché). This DIY fancy dress is almost indestructible! Make the bracelets with your child so they can play at being a superhero, or pair with a cape for a fancy dress party.

How to make a superhero bracelet

  1. 1. Prepare the papier-mâché mix, using this recipe.
    2. Cut the kitchen or loo roll to make a deep (approx 2-inches wide).

    cardboard tube wristbands covered in paper mache

    3. Ask your child to cover the cuff in newspaper strips dipped in papier-mâché , with a final layer of white paper on top. Leave to dry overnight.
    4. Help your child to cut out a superhero icon shape from the coloured card, which they’ll stick to their cuff later. It could be a star, lightning bolt or something else!

  2. Painted paper mache superhero cuffs

    5. Once the cuff is dry, your child can paint their cuff superhero colours and patterns.
    6. Finally, they can stick on their superhero icon with glue.

Paper mache superhero bracelets hero image