1 TEN GREEN BOTTOMS This is a song we made up with our small people today. Ten green bottoms sitting on a wall (repeat)… And if one green bottom, should accidentally fall, there’ll be nine green bottoms… You get the idea. Instant hilarity (and they’re learning to take away!)

2 DINO DROPPINGS Get your small person to draw a dinosaur, then you draw some dinosaur droppings (without them looking) and cover them up. Your child guesses how many droppings the dino just pooped, and counts to see if they were right. We also talked about whether the dino did more, less or the same mess as their guess.

3 SILLY FACE OFF Challenge each other to pull funny faces following a series of commands. Open eyes, open mouth, blink 5 times, close eyes… It’s harder than it sounds! And you’re basically teaching them the basics of coding.

Article written by Sara Conway