Adventures in maths

Not that keen on Tuesdays. Monday’s sapped our energy and Friday seems so far, far away. What we need is for the fun fairy to fly around our kitchen turning every day objects into fun-filled educational games…

[Cue magic fairy dust sound effect]

Incredible. Did we mention we’d also like a handsome prince to whisk us away from all this?

1. Challenge the kids to draw an alien from Planet 5. Everyone on this mysterious planet has 5 heads, 5 eyes, 5 mouths, 5 noses, 5 belly buttons, and so on.

2. Turn them into a treasure hunter. Give them an old cardboard tube telescope and get them to explore the house collecting red things, or round things, or things that fit in their pocket.

3. Tie a tea towel or muslin around a teddy’s neck and get them to fly him according to your directions: up high, down low, all the way around the room in a giant circle, then zoom quickly to rescue the banana from the fruit bowl of doom.

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Article written by Sara Conway