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Easy Easter cards to make

This simple Easter craft for children aged 2+ is a great activity to keep children busy indoors. When you’ve finished snipping and sticking, add a stamp and pop them in the post box so grandparents and friends know your child is thinking about them.

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Virtual lesson: Learn numbers with Numberblocks

Hands up if you’re trying to teach your children maths at home, but you don’t really know where to start? This e-learning lesson has easy ideas that are perfect for children aged 3-5. Watch and take part or just complete the activities underneath. Either way, there are lots of quick ideas your children can try straight away.

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5 easy hand washing hacks for kids

It’s more important than ever to wash our hands properly, but how do you convince a young child to follow the NHS procedure for handwashing? Easy! These handy hints and tips make it simple to help kids to wash their hands and they’ll have fun doing it, too.

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