Mr Tumble… Mr TUMBLE! Where are you?

We’d like to sit down for 5 minutes and drink a hot cup of tea. Yay! There you are. We’re waving and cheering. Now please give the small people 3 things to do while we put the kettle on (and don’t watch you…) Thanking you!

1 Mr Tumble singalong Sing Heads, shoulders, knees and toes with actions like Mr Tumble. Then miss out a word each time and just do the action. Mr Tumble would probably also fall onto his bottom. Optional.

2 The Looking game Search for three special things. You might be looking for a tree, a stone and a bird. Or a cushion, a vase and a picture frame. When you find them, wave and cheer!

3 Spotty bag Cut out spots from coloured paper and stick them on a bag, then find three special objects to put inside. It might be three of your favourite toys. Then do the magic to send them to Mr Tumble:

Take your finger, touch your nose

Blink three times and off it goes!

For more ‘me’ time, check out this special bumper Mr Tumble magazine. It’s packed with activities, which children of all ages and abilities can enjoy, including sticking, colouring and Makaton signs to try. It also comes with a Tumble plane, boat, bus, car and traffic light. It’s on sale now!

Have you got the latest issue of Mr Tumble magazine? Let us know if your child loves it! You’ll find us at @5minutefun on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Article written by Sara Conway