We just remembered, tomorrow is a bank holiday. There’s still no school! FML. We are banging our head on the table and reaching for wine. It is not yet noon.

It is also National Voice Day today. A celebration of speaking. Which we get. When accompanied by friends and vino, we really quite like the sound of our own voices. And the sound of ours cackling together and deciding that, yes – another bottle will be fine even though it is a school night, wa ha ha!

(No school tomorrow. NO SCHOOL! How could we not realise? Sorry. we don’t know how we’re going to get over this).

Anyway, as we were saying, National Voice Day. We remember the first time we realised our small person was speaking. She said ‘hiya’ and accompanied it with a wave. Mumma followed shortly after and doesn’t that make the tummy tickle with pride and happiness. And then the years roll on and MUMMY MUMMY MUMMY starts to lose some of its shine.

So our reaction to National Voice Day is an anti-voice song. We’re signing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes but we’re taking away the words and doing the actions instead.

We would also love to know what words you’d like to ban for today. Maybe it’s MUMMY or WHY? Please do tell us on Facebook and Twitter – we’re /5minute fun on both. #5minutefun

Head over here to find out what your small person just learnt

We’ve just been playing with LANGUAGE, or lack of, which is important really as we communicate with so much more than our voices. For example, our eyes are very good at shooting daggers and daring our children to do that really annoying thing they just did again. And they are very good at ignoring our eyes and doing it anyway.