It’s Wimbledon, and we’d like to be sitting with a nice cold Pimm’s watching Andy Murray smash it.

But instead we have some small people to entertain. Try these games so you can put the tennis on the telly and settle in with that Pimms. (We can’t guarantee Andy will win, though, soz!)

1 Over the net Hang a sheet over two chairs to make a net. Get a collection of soft balls, then battle against each other to keep all your balls on the opposite player’s side by throwing them over as fast as you can.

2 Target practice Aim and throw a soft ball into a wastepaper basket or cardboard box.

3 Eye on the ball Use a washable marker to turn a ball into your fave tennis star. Or a monster, if you prefer.

Once you’ve tried these out let us know: did you little one give these ideas a ? or a ?? You can find us on social media – we’re @5minutefun. ☺️

Article written by Sara Conway
Artwork by Marie Le Fevre