No more bedtime battles

Image: Getty | Words: Sara Conway

Getting the kids ready for school = a battle. Getting them ready for bed = a war.

Imagine if you could do all that stuff without them making a fuss? We hope these great tips and activities will help you restore peace. Plus, they teach them maths – hooray!

Give them enough warning: Children need to know when something’s going to happen – and NOW is too late.

Ask them to draw the things that happen regularly, such as breakfast time, lunchtime, bath time; getting-ready-for-bed time.

Put the pictures up on the wall or fridge and remember to tell them about an hour before that one of those events is approaching. This gives them time to get their heads around it, and for you to start the negotiations…

“But I want to watch Peppa Pig!”

“You can – now. But in an hour, you’re going to bed”.

*Smiles smugly*.

2 Make a plan of your day: As a grown up, we generally know what we’re doing today – but if you’re a child, everything is a surprise.

Ask them to draw the things that are happening tomorrow, or this weekend – maybe you’re going to visit Granny, or going to the park. Inject a special time – together time, or (we like this one!), my own time – where they choose to do something on their own, like watch TV, or play with their PJ Masks toys, so you can do something on your own. Now put those pictures into an order so they can see how the next day will play out. We actually found this quite soothing! There’s nothing like a plan to help you feel in control.

3 Telling the time: Once children are old enough to start understanding how to tell the time, you can attach time to events, such as Bedtime is at 7 o’clock in the evening or Getting up time is 7 o’clock in the morning (not 5 o’clock – OK?!)

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