No time to catch up with friends?

With your little one demanding so much of your time, sometimes it’s hard to find 5 minutes for yourself, and even harder to give 5 minutes to your mates.

These 5 quick activities will keep kids busy so you can chat with a friend at home, in the park, a café – even the pub.

1) Playing shopkeeper: this 5-minute role play is a great activity at home.

What you need: paper, pens

What to do:

1. Send your child off to collect items for their shop – it might be odd socks, shoes or toy food.
2. Now get them to lay everything out on a table. Older kids can make signs, like: Odd Sock Shop! Only 50p!
3. Hopefully, this has given you 5 minutes to have a chat! Now you might have to pretend to buy some items from the shop. Then move onto the next activity…!

2) Relax in a cafe: you can enjoy a coffee with a friend if you’re prepared!

What you’ll need: paper and crayons

What to do:

Most kid-friendly cafes have crayons so try giving your child one of these 5-minute challenges to complete with them…

1. Draw a meal for a hungry dinosaur.
2. Draw everything they can see that begins with B (or that is yellow).
3. Colour rainbow stripes that completely fill every white space on the paper.

Want more quick ideas to play with crayons? Try these drawing games.

 3) Park life! Get some fresh air with a friend and tire out your little one.

What to do:

Meet a friend in the park and give your child these quick challenges:

1. Collect fallen leaves and twigs and make nature faces.
2. Make a mud pie – give them a tupperware box and a stick to collect and stir the mud.
3. Make a daisy chain – they make a hole in the stem with their nail, thread through the next daisy, and repeat. Can they make the longest daisy chain ever?

For more outdoor fun check out this list of Nature Crafts

4) Hide and seek! Set your kid a mission and have a friend over.

What to do:

Hide your child’s toy in an unusual (safe) place, see how long it takes them to find it. It’ll be fun for them and you and your friends can enjoy tea and cake in peace!

5) Keep on moving! Exercise and admin go hand in hand.

What to do:

Set your phone or watch for 2 minutes and start your kid jogging, jumping and then bunny-hopping. What other moves can they make up? This is perfect for you to catch up on some admin from texting, tweeting to organising your (eek!) bills!

This fun set of 5 Minute Fun cards is packed with ideas to keep kids busy while you find time for you.