We’ve just been reminiscing about the programmes from our childhood…

Sara watched The Mysterious Cities of Gold at her Nana’s house every Monday (Nana always made homemade pie and chips). Emma watched She-Ra surrounded by her collection of action figures – She-Ra, Swift Wind (the horse), Madame Razz and Broom – remember them?! We’re digging them out on YouTube to show to our small people today. And we’ll be playing these games based on more of our faves…

1 Fun House It’s a whole lot of fun, with prizes to be won! Make an obstacle course with cushions to step on, sofas to roll over, tokens to collect – and prizes (their own toys are fine for this).

2 Super Ted Dress your fave ted in a red cape (tea towel, baby’s muslin), and help him to do good deeds for people: fetch slippers, set the table, or tidy up toys.

3 Button Moon Make a blanket sky with button moon and make up the adventures of Mr Spoon and his tin can rocket.

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Article written by Sara Conway