Our Greek adventure

Greece has a rich cultural history, full of myths about gods and monsters. It’s also the setting of the Mamma Mia films (even better). In these activities, we’re going to help your kids explore all things Greek – almost as good as going there on holiday!


The Greek flag is often nicknamed ‘The Blue and White’, because these are the only two colours on it. The top left corner has a cross, with the rest of the flag made up from stripes.

The flag looks pretty straight-forward to draw, but it may be best to measure out the stripes and to draw a box so the cross doesn’t get too big. It depends how exact your little one likes to be!














Greece is famous for its myths and stories. Make up a story with your little one by starting a sentence and getting them to finish it, or leaving out words and asking them to fill in the gaps.

They could be stories based on real life or they could be about mystical and magical creatures, like the Greek myths.

Another fun activity is based on the cyclops myth. Tell your little one the tale of this fearful beast (there are lots of versions online that aren’t too scary. We like this one – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv2d0-dRrHI)

Play a game of ‘Cyclops Says’ with your little one. The rules are the same as ‘Simon Says’, just with a little twist.


Another well-known tradition in Greece is smashing plates when dancing. Of course, we don’t want your kids smashing crockery, but paper plates are ok!

Cut paper plates into pieces and when dancing along to some music, ask your little one to throw them in the air. Can they put the plates back together again? How about counting the number of pieces there are, too?


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