Out of this world ideas

Space is right up there in our kids’ top ten things, along with water pistols, farts, toilets, poo, wee, sticks, more farts, more poo and more wee.

It’s special. It’s also science, which makes us pleased. Here are 5 games to encourage a lot more space…

1) Oreo Moon We absolutely love this clever way of showing the phases of the moon (from crescent to full moon) using Oreo biscuits. Genius!

2) Marbled planets Put a piece of paper on a tray, dip a small ball in paint, drop it in the tray, and roll it all over the paper. Once you’ve got a marbled effect, let it dry. Then cut out a planet shape (circle! We know you knew that.) Make 7 in different colours and hang them from a hanger to create your own solar system.

3) Make a gloopy alien Put colourful shower gel in a zip lock bag with some googly eyes and zip it up. Creepy, squishy, sensory play!

4) Moon painting Paint a white moon on black paper, using lots of paint. Then press craters into the paint with the mouth of a plastic bottle.

5) Make a rocket This video shows you how to transform cardboard tubes into a rocket fit for space (almost).