Over 50 activities to do at home with children

Perfect for when you can’t leave the house – these 50 ideas include fun games, easy makes and delicious bakes. Save this list to bring out whenever your kids are feeling bored. From potato printing to unicorn games, there’s the perfect activity to entertain every child.


These ideas are guaranteed to keep kids happy because they’re based on all of their favourite things.

1-5 – Unicorn games

From making music to hunting unicorn treasure, these simple suggestions are magical!

6-10 – Out of this world ideas

Kids like space. We all like biscuits. So, we love this simple idea of showing the life cycle of the moon with Oreo cookies. Plus, there’s an easy way to make an alien and more crafty fun…

11-15 – Monstrous Makes

Your little monsters will love crafting these scary friends out of cardboard tubes, egg boxes, raisin boxes and more!

16-20 – Fairytale fun

Try these crafts based on fairytales to spark imaginative play! Suitable for children aged 2+, they can make Cinderella’s slipper, a fire-breathing dragon, plus there’s a fun way to create an enchanted rose.


These crafts let kids be creative without too much mess!

21-25 – Over the rainbow

From an easy way to swoosh a rainbow with a washing-up sponge, to creating multi-coloured slime, keep kids busy with these colourful crafts.

26 – Printable finger puppets

We love these finger puppets that kids can colour, snip and stick – and then have fun creating stories with.

27-31 – Tissue paper art

Children can scrunch, tear and stick to make a butterfly, flowers – and pizza!

 32-36 – Make a race track – or 5!

This post has 5 ways to make a race track with simple step-by-step instructions. Now, where are those toy cars?

37 – I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

We love this fun way to make a toy ice cream stand using recycled card.


Sometimes all kids want to do is paint. Throw some newspaper over the table, dress them in old clothes and then let them loose on these exciting ways to paint.

 38 – Potato power

Kids can learn how to potato print like a pro with this quick video.

39-43 – Mirror, mirror

Remember that trick where you paint one butterfly wing, fold the paper and – voila! A perfectly symmetrical painting. Here are 5 alternative pictures to create with this technique…

 44 – Button bouquet

Set slightly older children this project of creating a bunch of flowers with buttons and wire – and end up with an ornament you’ll want to put on display.

 45 – Make some story stones

Draw and paint on stones to create your own storybook characters!


Put your little one’s chef hat on and get baking with these easy treats!

 46-50 – Summer snacks

Get the kids creating some fruity frozen treats that are healthy, delicious and super simple to make.

51 – Healthy muffins

Fill a few hours baking together. We love these banana spinach muffins from Yummy Toddler Food.

52 – Cinnamon Nutella cake

Try this super-simple, decadent chocolate cake recipe together.

53-57 – Nostalgic treats

From peppermint creams to coconut ice, these no-bake recipes will stir up memories from your own childhood.

58 – Summer fruit drizzle cake

Have a go at this easy, summery treat! Lots of scattering and drizzling for little fingers.

So, there you go! Over 50 ideas for a creative, fun half term with the kids. You’ve got this!