Paint a fun Numberblocks picture using your toy blocks!

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Numberblocks craft

Make the most of your child's Numberblocks toy blocks with this paint and play idea! Your child can have splatty fun bouncing the blocks onto paper to print the Numberblocks, as well as practicing counting and creating fun shapes.

We love Numberblocks at 5 Minute Fun and are always coming up with new ideas to help your child have more fun with their blocks. The Numberblocks blocks featuring the characters 1-10 are available to buy in our shop (£10.99). But, don’t worry, you can use any kind of blocks to complete this activity. 

For more Numberblocks fun go to and search for Numberblocks on YouTube Kids. We recommend the Stampolines episode so your child can see their favourite characters in action – splatting, printing and learning numbers!


Wheeeeee-boing-SPLAT! The Numberblocks Stampolines episode. 

1. Numberblocks picture

  1. Help your child to dip the top of a block into paint and press it onto the paper. 
  2. Remember to use a different colour for each Numberblock – why not add some colour matching by asking your child to select the right colour block to dip into the paint?
  3. Encourage your child to count how many blocks they’ve printed for each Numberblock.
  4. Finally, add googly eyes to each Numberblock.

Why not copy the Numberblocks in one of these fun pictures from our favourite episodes? Your child’s Numberblocks could…

Numberblocks picture
Numberblocks printed shapes

2. Printing shapes with your blocks

This activity is great for helping children to recognise that a number of objects can be arranged in lots of different ways. It’ll help them to count faster, or to recognise a number of objects without having to count at all.

  1. Challenge your child to see how many different shapes they can print with their blocks.
  2. Try printing a shape for them and see if they can guess which Numberblock made the shape (by counting the blocks). They can play this game with the photograph above as well.