Paper mache instruments: guide to making maracas

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Easy paper mache craft

Use paper mache (or papier mâché) to make a children's musical instrument that really works!
  • 5-10 minutes
  • Paper mache mix: 1 mug plain flour, 1 mug warm water, plus extra tap water, newspaper, a paintbrush.
    Maracas: 2 balloons, wrapping paper, dry grains (such as rice), two glasses, a pin, pva glue
  • 3+

1. Paper mache maracas

What to do:

  1. Prepare the paper mache mixture, using this easy paper mache glue recipe.
  2. Blow up the balloons so they’re quite small. If you have spare, blow up a few more for your kids to play with while the the papier-mache dries
  3. Ask your kids to cover the balloons with newspaper strips dipped in the papier-mâché mix. Create two balls. Make sure to leave a small space where the balloon is tied. Repeat to create 4 or 5 layers. For the final layer, use strips of wrapping paper instead of newspaper.
  4. Stand each ball in a glass and leave to dry completely (overnight).
  5. Once dry, use a pin to pop the balloons. Keep the eggs standing in the glasses and pour the dry grains into the shakers (you left a hole where the balloons were tied). Add just enough that they’ll make a sound when shaken. You can roll a piece of paper into a cone to use as a funnel to help get them in.
  6. Seal the hole with a piece of wrapping paper dipped in pva glue.
paper mache maracas