You know, those slightly irrational emotions reserved especially for our small people. There’s the obvious bewilderment about where the last year has gone, and the heart-popping pride at looking at this funny small person that we MADE all by ourselves. We call her the Queen. She greets everyone with a royal wave (people in the street, my phone, tables, pieces of fluff). She loves In the Night Garden. And she hates my cooking.

I also have a tummy squelching sadness that the northern arm of my family can’t be here today – for very understandable reasons that I won’t bore everyone with. My daughter won’t know, of course. She won’t have a clue what’s going on. But then I think of the PHOTOS. And don’t we ALWAYS think of the photos? They’re the reason I’m spending a day’s wages on balloons. (Seriously, how can it cost that much for floating air?) And the photos are the real reason I put pressure on myself to make a (really very excellent if I do say so myself) Igglepiggle cake. I want to show her the perfect day she had and the love that was heaped onto her in icing form.

Anyway, we’re going to do an extra Manchester rave up tea party at the end of the month. And the photos? Well, they’ll show she’s so special we celebrated her birthday twice, like the little royal waving Queen that she is.

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