You’ve got to hand it to Mummy and Daddy Pig – they always have a good idea up their sleeve to keep George and Peppa entertained.

And they both value a good sit down too. These 5 games are inspired by the canny cartoon parents, so you can have a little downtime too.

1 Muddy puddles Celebrate a rainy day by putting on waterproofs and sending them outside to splash around.

2 Paint a cherry tree Or any tree. Set up their paints outside.

3 Secret box Give them a special box (any box is special), and tell them to fill it with their favourite things.

4 Look for bugs Search under plant pots and stones for wriggly worms and creepy crawlies. Tell them to be gentle with them!

5 Make up a story in which family members are kings, queens, princes and princesses. If it’s bedtime, the princes and princesses really need to sleep.

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Article written by Sara Conway