5 ideas using cupcake cases

Images and words: Sara Conway

1 What a hoot: fluttery feathers for a friendly owl

You’ll need: orange and yellow card, 5 cupcake cases, glue, scissors, googly eyes

  1. Your kids draw and snip the outline of an owl from the orange card.
  2. Now they stick on two cupcake cases to hold the eyes, and fold two to make the wings. They cut the last one to make feathers for the tummy.
  3. Now they snip feet and a beak from card. And finish with googly eyes.

And that’s owl they need to do!

2 How does your garden grow: with 3D flowers and butterflies

You’ll need: coloured card, a few cupcake cases, glue, scissors, plus a pipe cleaner and sequins (optional)

  1. First your kids take a piece of card and stick on a cupcake case to make a flower head.
  2. Now they take a second case, scrunch it and stick it in the middle to make the middle of the flower.
  3. Repeat to fill the page with flowers.
  4. Now they snip stalks and leaves from card and stick them on.
  5. To make a butterfly, they bend a pipe cleaner around the middle of a cupcake case. And add sequins to the wings if they have them.

What a breeze!

3 Cute caterpillar: flatten the cases to make a creepy-crawly friend

You’ll need: coloured paper or card, 5 cupcake cases, 2 pipe cleaners (or cut strips from card, googly eyes)

  1. First your kids flatten 4 cupcake cases, squirt glue on them and press them on the page in a row. The fifth case they stick higher to make the caterpillar’s head.
  2. Now they snip out little feet from card and stick them on.
  3. Finally, they add pipe cleaner antennae and googly eyes.


4 Take aim: cupcake cases make a fun target game

Your kids just stick the cupcake cases to card and then scrunch paper to make balls to throw into the cups. They can write numbers on the cups and add up their scores, too.

5 Octopus pal: flip the case to make an underwater buddy

Just ask your kids to stick eight strands of paper inside the case, which will dangle when they hold it upside down. And then they draw on a face.