We love reading. Or we did, pre-small person. But our children seem much happier climbing onto piles of books than opening them. Hopefully these pirate-inspired ideas should encourage even the most reluctant of readers.

1 Buried treasure Challenge them to find treasure buried in their books by looking and listening for letters or words. This might include individual sounds (s, a, t, p), simple words (mat, hen, big, fox) or frequently used words (the, go, and).

2 Treasure map Create a map to hidden treasure. The map shows a route through your house past objects that start with different letters. Get them to say and write each letter before they move on. Here’s an example we drew for you…

3 My pirate flag Help your little pirate make a decoration for their door by writing their name and sounding out each letter. Then get them to do the fun bit – decorating it with a pirate hat, sword, parrot and treasure.

We’d love to hear how this went. Share your feedback with us on Twitter! @5minutefun.

Article written by Sara Conway
Artwork by Marie Le  Fevre