5 indoor pirate games

1 Treasure chest Fill a shoebox with treasure (toys) and then use it to explore opposites. Open and shut the lid. Fill it up and make it empty. Put some things inside and some outside. Nice work, matey.

2 Pirate dance Avast! It’s time they paid attention to these pirate moves. Stand up, sit down. Stand up, sit down. Stand still and then move all around!

3 Sail by night and day Ask your child to draw a picture of themselves and their pirate ship sailing the seven seas. Can they colour half of the page with a night sky (add a moon and stars) and half the page as daytime (with a sun and seagulls in the sky).

4 Pirate parrot Polly is the pirate’s pet and she’s supposed to copy everything the pirate says. But Polly’s feeling naughty – she wants to say the opposite. Ask your child to say the opposite to these words (in a parrot voice of course): up (down), big (small), hot (cold), tall (short) good (bad), hungry (full).

5 Time to walk the plank They take a big step, and a little one. A big step, and a little one. Then make a BIG splash DOWN into the sea.


Article written by Sara Conway
Artwork by Marie Le Fevre