Planes before kids…

Yay, holiday starts here! Relaxed start, 11am Pimm’s, Duty Free browse, favourite mag, good film, sleep, mini G&T before arrival.

Planes now. 3am start, 6am squabble, one spilt coffee, one kid so excited they just puked, 2 excess baggage payments (they put in their favourite owly doorstop when you weren’t looking), no sleep, arrive covered in felt tip and shards of Pringles.

Here are 5 ideas to keep them entertained just long enough to neck a mini G&T, at least! Just pack crayons, Post-It notes, stickers and paper. Good luck!

1 Go fishing Draw fish on Post-It notes (sticky side up) and fish for them with the spoon from your plane meal.

2 Sneaky stickers Play this over the length of the flight. The aim is to put stickers on each other without the other noticing. (nb, don’t do it to the stranger sharing your row!)

3 Like/don’t like Each write down or draw what you do and don’t like. See if you can guess who wrote what.
4 Stick a picture Keep your fingers busy creating a scene with stickers and paper.

5 Make me a monster! Draw monster heads on Post-It notes and take photos of each other (or that grumpy guy in the next seat) looking like they’re wearing them. This video shows you how!

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Article written by Sara Conway