Planning the perfect party bag

The summer holidays are finally over, and we’re never quite sure how we feel about this. Usually it means the return to early mornings and rubbish weather, but, on the plus side, we’re sure your kids are happy to see their school friends after what was hopefully a summer filled with lots of 5 Minute Fun activities!

Back to school means another thing… kids’ birthday parties! As the invites start rolling in, one thing that’s sure to feature at every event is The Party Bag, and we know that secretly everyone wants to give out the best bags! Who remembers when we were younger, and you’d expect nothing more than a squished piece of cake and some broken crayons – just us?

Organising a party for a bunch of kids is stressful enough as it is, without having to worry about putting together party bags! But if your little one has a party of their own coming up and you’re fretting about what favours to give out, there’s no need to panic – we’ve got you covered!

The 5 Minute Fun Shop is full of affordable products to keep kids entertained, from books to games to craft kits and more! We’ve got a special half-price sale on the kids’ party range on our shop at the moment, to save you time and money when planning kids’ birthday parties!

We’ve put together a collection of handy gifts to include in your party bags that won’t break the bank, so if you’re stuck for ideas and time, here’s our handy shopping list where you’ll find everything you need all in one place!


What better way to start than with the bag? We love these stripy paper bags. They’re recyclable, so they’re way better for the environment than a plastic alternative, and they give a retro sweet bag vibe that parents are sure to appreciate – it’s a win-win.

You can get different colours, too, and they’re all part of our half-price sale. Find them here!


Stationery makes a great gift in any party bag. These little pencils are a lovely addition to a new pencil case, and even come with a handy little rubber on top. The best thing about these pencils though… they’re scented! Who wouldn’t love a yummy, sweet smelling pencil to doodle with? Keep the kids entertained by asking them to sniff their pencil and draw what fruit they think it is!

You can grab a pack of six fruity pencils for just £2.00 on our shop!


Giving a party full of kids something that allows them to make more noise might sound like an awful idea, but hear us out! Playing a musical instrument has been proven to accelerate brain development in children. Even an instrument as simple as these happy hand clappers allows children to express themselves musically by playing along to their favourite songs. They’re a fun way to begin understanding rhythms and beats, too.

These fun little clappers are great value in our kids’ party sale, at just over £1! Find them here!


We used to love spinning tops when we were growing up. These simple toys provide hours of fun – whether they’re played with alone or as a group. See who can get their top to spin for the longest or who can make theirs travel the furthest!

These are perfect party bag fillers and you can get a pack of six for less than a pound on our shop now!


Another great old-school toy to include is a yo-yo. These are great for improving little one’s hand-eye coordination and they can provide long term entertainment value as they try and get the hang of it!

Find these multi-coloured smiley face yo-yos on the 5 Minute Fun Shop.